Child Programs (6-12 yrs)

Special Notes

Thunderbird CC takes photographs of our programs.  Please indicate on the program consent form during registration if you wish your child to be included/or not included in any photographs.

Children under the age of 8 are not permitted to be left in the community center unattended and must be accompanied or picked-up by an adult, 16+ yrs.

Late Pick Up Policy

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that children under the age of eight are picked up as soon as their program has ended. There will be a late fee per child of $1 each minute for a late pick up.

224446Drawing & PaintingJul 22Jul 269:45AM12:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
223257Drawing - IIJul 4Aug 153:30PM4:30PM512Th
223258Drawing and PaintingJul 2Aug 134:45PM5:45PM512Tu
223259Drawing IJul 2Aug 133:30PM4:30PM512Tu
223260Drawing IIIJul 4Aug 154:45PM5:45PM512Th
224445Fun with ColoursJul 15Jul 199:45AM12:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
223264Guitar with JimmyJul 5Aug 164:30PM5:00PM718Fr
223265Guitar with JimmyJul 5Aug 165:00PM5:30PM718Fr
223266Guitar with JimmyJul 5Aug 165:30PM6:00PM718Fr
223267Guitar with JimmyJul 5Aug 166:00PM6:30PM718Fr
223268Piano LessonsJul 2Aug 203:00PM3:30PM518Tu
223269Piano LessonsJul 3Aug 213:00PM3:30PM518We
223270Piano LessonsJul 5Aug 233:00PM3:30PM518Fr
223271Piano LessonsJul 2Aug 203:30PM4:00PM518Tu
223272Piano LessonsJul 2Aug 204:00PM4:30PM518Tu
223273Piano LessonsJul 2Aug 204:30PM5:00PM518Tu
223274Piano LessonsJul 2Aug 205:00PM5:30PM518Tu
223275Piano LessonsJul 2Aug 205:30PM6:00PM518Tu
223276Piano LessonsJul 2Aug 206:00PM6:30PM518Tu
223277Piano LessonsJul 3Aug 213:30PM4:00PM518We
223278Piano LessonsJul 3Aug 214:00PM4:30PM518We
223279Piano LessonsJul 3Aug 214:30PM5:00PM518We
223280Piano LessonsJul 3Aug 215:00PM5:30PM518We
223281Piano LessonsJul 3Aug 215:30PM6:00PM518We
223282Piano LessonsJul 3Aug 216:00PM6:30PM518We
223283Piano LessonsJul 5Aug 233:30PM4:00PM518Fr
223284Piano LessonsJul 5Aug 234:00PM4:30PM518Fr
223285Piano LessonsJul 5Aug 234:30PM5:00PM518Fr
223286Piano LessonsJul 5Aug 235:00PM5:30PM518Fr
223287Piano LessonsJul 5Aug 235:30PM6:00PM518Fr
223288Piano LessonsJul 5Aug 236:00PM6:30PM518Fr
224447Printing & CartooningJul 29Aug 29:45AM12:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
224442Sketch and Draw - Indoor OutdoorJul 8Jul 129:45AM12:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
214636Aftercamp Care - Wk 1Jul 2Jul 53:30PM6:00PM512Tu We Th Fr
214637Aftercamp Care - Wk 2Jul 8Jul 123:30PM6:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
214638Aftercamp Care - Wk 3Jul 15Jul 193:30PM6:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
214639Aftercamp Care - Wk 4Jul 22Jul 263:30PM6:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
214640Aftercamp Care - Wk 5Jul 29Aug 23:30PM6:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
214641Aftercamp Care - Wk 6Aug 6Aug 93:30PM6:00PM512Tu We Th Fr
214642Aftercamp Care - Wk 7Aug 12Aug 163:30PM6:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
214643Aftercamp Care - Wk 8Aug 19Aug 233:30PM6:00PM512Mo Tu We Th Fr
208763Sunseekers Daycamp, week 1Jul 2Jul 59:00AM3:30PM612Tu We Th Fr
208764Sunseekers Daycamp, week 2Jul 8Jul 129:00AM3:30PM612Mo Tu We Th Fr
208765Sunseekers Daycamp, week 3Jul 15Jul 199:00AM3:30PM612Mo Tu We Th Fr
208767Sunseekers Daycamp, week 4Jul 22Jul 269:00AM3:30PM612Mo Tu We Th Fr
208768Sunseekers Daycamp, week 5Jul 29Aug 29:00AM3:30PM612Mo Tu We Th Fr
208769Sunseekers Daycamp, week 6Aug 6Aug 99:00AM3:30PM612Tu We Th Fr
208770Sunseekers Daycamp, week 7Aug 12Aug 169:00AM3:30PM612Mo Tu We Th Fr
208771Sunseekers Daycamp, week 8Aug 19Aug 239:00AM3:30PM612Mo Tu We Th Fr
223255KarateJul 4Aug 225:30PM6:45PM619Th
223246All Sports for GirlsJul 8Aug 194:00PM4:55PM57Mo
223248BasketballJul 2Aug 204:00PM4:55PM57Tu
223249BasketballJul 2Aug 205:00PM5:55PM812Tu
223252Floor HockeyJul 8Aug 195:00PM5:55PM57Mo
223253Floor HockeyJul 8Aug 196:00PM6:55PM812Mo
223243Sunrise Park PlaygroundJul 2Aug 2311:00AM5:00PM00Mo Tu We Th Fr
223244Sunrise CarnivalJul 26Jul 2612:00PM3:00PM00Fr


Program Age Dates Days Time Instructor Cost Categories
Program Age Dates Days Time Instructor Cost Categories
Hours of Operation

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Remembrance Day: Mon Nov 11

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