Child Programs (6-12 yrs)

Special Notes

Thunderbird CC takes photographs of our programs.  Please indicate on the program consent form during registration if you wish your child to be included/or not included in any photographs.

Children under the age of 8 are not permitted to be left in the community center unattended and must be accompanied or picked-up by an adult, 16+ yrs.

Late Pick Up Policy

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that children under the age of eight are picked up as soon as their program has ended. There will be a late fee per child of $1 each minute for a late pick up.

233246Build-a-Comic 8-15 yrsSep 10Dec 35:45PM6:45PM815TuMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre65.00
233239Creative Chaos 8-14 yrsSep 10Dec 34:30PM5:30PM814TuMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre65.00
233224Magic Carpet Ride 6-9 yrsSep 10Dec 33:15PM4:15PM69TuMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre65.00
233248Mini-Magazine WorkshopSep 10Dec 37:00PM8:00PM815TuMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre65.00
230897Piano Lessons (Friday) - 3:30pmSep 13Dec 63:30PM4:00PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230898Piano Lessons (Friday) - 4:00pmSep 13Dec 64:00PM4:30PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230899Piano Lessons (Friday) - 4:30pmSep 13Dec 64:30PM5:00PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230900Piano Lessons (Friday) - 5:00pmSep 13Dec 65:00PM5:30PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230901Piano Lessons (Friday) - 5:30pmSep 13Dec 65:30PM6:00PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230902Piano Lessons (Friday) - 6:00pmSep 13Dec 66:00PM6:30PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230903Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 10:00amSep 14Dec 710:00AM10:30AM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230904Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 10:30amSep 14Dec 710:30AM11:00AM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230905Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 11:00amSep 14Dec 711:00AM11:30AM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230906Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 11:30amSep 14Dec 711:30AM12:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230907Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 12:30pmSep 14Dec 712:30PM1:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230908Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 1:00pmSep 14Dec 71:00PM1:30PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230909Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 1:30pmSep 14Dec 71:30PM2:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230910Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 2:00pmSep 14Dec 72:00PM2:30PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230911Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 2:30pmSep 14Dec 72:30PM3:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230912Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 3:00pmSep 14Dec 73:00PM3:30PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230913Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 3:30pmSep 14Dec 73:30PM4:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230914Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 4:00pmSep 14Dec 74:00PM4:30PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230915Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 9:30amSep 14Dec 79:30AM10:00AM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230918Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 710:00AM10:30AM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230919Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 710:30AM11:00AM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230920Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 711:00AM11:30AM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230921Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 711:30AM12:00PM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230922Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 712:00PM12:30PM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230923Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 712:30PM1:00PM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
233800Dance ExtremeSep 9Dec 23:30PM4:30PM712MoSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
233802Little Ballerinas (3-5yrs)Sep 14Dec 710:00AM10:45AM35SaSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
233803Little Ballerinas (6-9yrs)Sep 14Dec 710:45AM11:30AM69SaSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
233804My First Dance Class (2.5 - 4 yrs)Sep 14Dec 79:15AM10:00AM24SaSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
230932Drum Lessons - 4:30pmSep 10Dec 34:30PM5:00PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230933Drum Lessons - 5:00pmSep 10Dec 35:00PM5:30PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230934Drum Lessons - 5:30pmSep 10Dec 35:30PM6:00PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230935Drum Lessons - 6:00pmSep 10Dec 36:00PM6:30PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230936Drum Lessons - 6:30pmSep 10Dec 36:30PM7:00PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230937Drum Lessons - 7:00pmSep 10Dec 37:00PM7:30PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230938Drum Lessons - 7:30pmSep 10Dec 37:30PM8:00PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230939Drum Lessons - 8:00pmSep 10Dec 38:00PM8:30PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230924Guitar Lessons - 5:00pmSep 13Dec 65:00PM5:30PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230925Guitar Lessons - 5:30pmSep 13Dec 65:30PM6:00PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230926Guitar Lessons - 6:00pmSep 13Dec 66:00PM6:30PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230927Guitar Lessons - 6:30pmSep 13Dec 66:30PM7:00PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230928Guitar Lessons - 7:00pmSep 13Dec 67:00PM7:30PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230929Guitar Lessons - 7:30pmSep 13Dec 67:30PM8:00PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230930Guitar Lessons - 8:00pmSep 13Dec 68:00PM8:30PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230931Guitar Lessons - 8:30pmSep 13Dec 68:30PM9:00PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
233809Kinder Time - LiteracySep 12Dec 53:30PM4:30PM35ThMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
230948Drawing - IISep 12Dec 53:30PM4:30PM512ThCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
230950Drawing ISep 10Dec 33:30PM4:30PM512TuCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
230951Pastel & DrawingSep 12Dec 54:45PM5:45PM512ThCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
230949Watercolour & DrawingSep 10Dec 34:45PM5:45PM512TuCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
233117Pro D Day CampOct 25Oct 259:00AM3:30PM612FrGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre25.00
233119Pro D Day Camp - Nov 8Nov 8Nov 89:00AM3:30PM612FrGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre25.00
233813MCKids MinecraftSep 16Dec 23:30PM5:00PM810MoComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre120.00
238269Aspiring Chefs 8-10 yrsSep 14Dec 712:30PM1:45PM810SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238279Dinner Ideas for Pre-Teens 11-13yrsSep 14Dec 73:30PM4:45PM1113SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238272Fun in the kitchen 10-12yrsSep 14Dec 72:15PM3:30PM1012SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238268Mini Chefs 6-8 yrsSep 14Dec 710:45AM12:00PM68SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238263Snappy SnackersSep 14Dec 79:15AM10:30AM45SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230593Head Start Math - Gr. 1 & 2Sep 11Dec 43:30PM4:45PM67WeFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230594Head Start Math - KSep 9Dec 23:30PM4:45PM56MoFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre33.00
230595Homework Support - Gr 4-7Sep 13Dec 63:30PM5:00PM813FrFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre13.00
230596Young Phonics - Gr. 1 & 2Sep 12Dec 53:30PM4:45PM67ThFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230597Young Phonics - KSep 10Dec 33:30PM4:45PM56TuFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238241Young Readers Club!Sep 11Dec 44:30PM5:30PM68WeMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238258123, ABCsSep 14Dec 71:45PM2:45PM46SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238261I know Letters 4-5 yrsSep 14Dec 712:30PM1:30PM46SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238256Math Made Fun 10- 12 yrsSep 14Dec 710:30AM11:30AM1012SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238250Math Made Fun 7-9 yrsSep 14Dec 79:15AM10:15AM79SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238257STEM ItSep 14Dec 73:00PM4:00PM58SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
233905Yoga for kidsSep 11Oct 304:00PM5:00PM190WeSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre48.00
233801Hip Hop BreakersSep 14Dec 711:30AM12:30PM612SaSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
230804Kids Tai ChiSep 7Nov 2311:00AM12:00PM60SaMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre30.00
233810KarateSep 12Dec 56:00PM7:15PM619ThGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre97.50
232392Kung Fu - Eagle ClawSep 11Dec 44:00PM5:00PM612WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre78.00
230631Swim & SkateSep 11Dec 45:00PM9:00PM813WeThunderbird Lobby (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
233797Rhythmic GymnasticsSep 13Dec 64:00PM5:00PM46FrGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre58.50
233798Rhythmic GymnasticsSep 13Dec 65:00PM6:00PM712FrGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre58.50
230618Badminton 8-10 yrsSep 9Dec 26:00PM7:00PM810MoGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230628Floor HockeySep 11Dec 46:00PM7:00PM57WeGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230629Floor HockeySep 11Dec 47:00PM8:00PM810WeGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230634Saturday SoccerSep 14Dec 710:00AM10:50AM57SaGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230627Soccer 6-8yrsSep 11Dec 45:00PM6:00PM67WeGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230619BasketballSep 10Dec 36:00PM7:00PM912TuGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre19.50
230626BasketballSep 10Dec 35:00PM6:00PM68TuGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre19.50
230633Preschool All SportsSep 14Dec 79:10AM10:00AM57SaGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
237136Break Thru Academy 10-13yrsSep 12Dec 55:00PM6:00PM1013ThGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
234991Volleyball 8-12 yrsSep 9Dec 25:00PM6:00PM810MoGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230617Badminton 11-13 yrsSep 9Dec 27:00PM8:00PM1113MoGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
235285Girls RockSep 13Dec 67:00PM9:30PM1325FrKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
240141ESL with VeronicaSep 11Dec 410:30PM12:00AM160WeMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
233904Chair YogaSep 11Oct 302:45PM3:45PM190WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre48.00
233902Hatha YogaSep 11Oct 306:30PM7:30PM190WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre48.00
233903Yin YogaSep 11Oct 307:45PM8:45PM190WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre48.00
233805ZumbaSep 9Dec 26:00PM7:00PM160MoMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre60.50
232398Adult Line DanceSep 10Dec 37:30PM9:00PM190TuMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre52.00
240331Karaoke in ChineseSep 12Dec 512:00PM3:00PM190ThMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre12.00
230802Tai Chi Kong Fu FanSep 5Nov 218:15PM9:45PM190ThMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre36.00
230806Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 24 stepsSep 7Nov 239:00AM10:30AM190SaMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre42.00
232393Kung Fu 13+Sep 11Dec 45:00PM6:00PM13100WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre78.00
238282ComputersSep 10Oct 89:30AM11:00AM190TuComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre15.00
238283ComputersOct 15Nov 129:30AM11:00AM190TuComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre15.00
238284ComputersNov 19Dec 109:30AM11:00AM190TuComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre12.00
230718Basketball 19+Sep 11Dec 48:10PM9:50PM190WeGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238281Indoor SoccerSep 10Dec 38:10PM9:50PM190TuGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230717Pickleball 19+Sep 9Dec 28:05PM9:50PM190MoGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre1.50
238285Senior's Line Dance IntermediateSep 11Dec 412:30PM2:30PM550WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre32.50
230702Computer Lab Drop In for Adults & SeniorsSep 11Nov 61:00PM3:00PM190WeComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
230716Pickleball 55+Sep 14Dec 73:00PM4:45PM550SaGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre1.50
239643Artists' ShareSep 10Dec 103:00PM6:00PM1100TuThunderbird Lobby (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
230713Fitness CentreSep 2Dec 319:00AM10:00PM00Mo Tu We Th Fr SaFitness Centre at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
230714Fitness Centre OrientationsSep 5Dec 191:00PM3:00PM00Mo ThFitness Centre at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
230706Parent and Tot GymSep 14Dec 712:00PM2:00PM06SaGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre2.00


Program Age Dates Days Time Instructor Cost Categories
Program Age Dates Days Time Instructor Cost Categories
Hours of Operation

Winter Hours

Monday – Friday:  9:00am-10:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sundays & Holidays: Closed

*The office closes 30 minutes before the centre closes. The Fitness Centre closes 10 minutes before the Centre closes.

Registration Day


Saturday March 7 @9:00am

Public and Online

Saturday March 14 @9:00am