Youth Programs (13-18yrs)

Youth Incentive Program – YIP (Gr. 8-12)

Get involved and make a difference! Our Youth volunteer leadership program for students Grades 8-12 is your opportunity to learn valuable life skills while giving back through community service.  All students must register for YIP. 

Special Notes

Starting in September 2020:
REGISTRATION IS DONE WEEK BY WEEK, 3 days before the session, no registration earlier than the 3 days. This allows all youth to have an equal opportunity to play. If you are unsure about coming to the program ahead of time, you may call in the day of to see if any spots are available– you still need to complete
the registration before being allowed to participate. For any questions or more information, please contact Priya, Community Youth Worker, at or text at 604-379-4735.

Thunderbird CC takes photographs of our programs.  Please indicate on the program consent form, during registration, if you wish your child to be included/or not in any photographs.



Thunderbird Fall Hours

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Registration Day

Catchment: October 1 @9:00am

Public: October 7 @9:00am

Online Registration:  Click here to see program list filter for *Thunderbird Community Centre