• All bookings are first come first serve. Bookings must be paid in full to secure your spot.
  • All payments must be paid in either CASH or CHEQUE. If the booking date is at least 5 weeks prior to the party date then the payment may be paid with either cash or cheque. If the booking date is within 5 weeks of the party date then the payment must be made in CASH.
  • All bookings must be finalized at least 1 week in advance of your party date.
  • Extra services and table covers can be paid on the day of your party booking. However, payment must be paid in CASH at the beginning of your party.


  • There will be an administrative charge of $25 applied to all refund requests and $4 to all transfer requests. Refunds will only be granted if provided at least 7 days prior to the party. If notification is not received before or by the stated time, the payee will forfeit all or some of the monies already paid.
  • Thunderbird Community Centre reserves the right to cancel a party, when necessary.  In this event, the payee will receive notice at least 72 hours prior to the party date and all monies paid will be refunded.
  • Thunderbird Community Centre reserves the right to place your activity in equal or better facilities if the room is required in unexpected circumstances.


  • If the party group uses our kitchen facility, it must supply its own small appliances, linens, utensils, soap, dish towels, cloths, etc.
  • The party group may heat precooked food only if serving food. The party group may not cook food on the premises.The party group may not bring in heating equipment of any kind to use on the premises.
  • The party group may use outside caterers to serve food on the Centre’s property during the party.
  • If the kitchen is available for party group to use, party users must provide their own kitchenware. Freezer and refrigerator are not available. Please bring a cooler or icebox as needed.
  • NO ALCOHOL or any substance containing alcohol may be brought in to or consumed on the premises.


  • The party group may not enter the party space before the agreed upon time.  They should take into consideration the time they require for set up and clean up and include this in the party time. A party group may not stay longer than the agreed times.
  • In addition to the party time, up to 15 minutes prior to the party and up to 15 minutes after the party will be scheduled for set up and clean up.
  • The party group must report to the staff at the start and end of party period. All participants in the party must follow the directions of the staff on shift, who is in charge of the building.
  • Tables and chairs will be set up for the party, as long as approximate number of attendance is indicated. If you require special arrangements to room set-up, please email Thunderbird.Party@vancouver.ca to discuss the details.
  • The party group may decorate the walls and ceilings of the space, provided that the decorations do not mark or damage those surfaces. All decorations must be taken down at the end of the party. Packing tape and Duct tape removes paint and damages the walls. Painter’s tape only.
  • Table covers are required for each table used. They can be purchase at $0.50 each (8 guest/table).
  • The party group is held responsible for the clean up of all food items in the party. The staff will assist with the clean up of tables, chair, floor and decorations. The party group must leave the space clean and tidy and on time.


  • Thunderbird does not permit any Third Party contractors or major equipment to operate during birthday parties.
  • You will NOT receive any follow-up calls unless this form contains incomplete information. If you require confirmation of details, please email Thunderbird.Party@vancouver.ca.
  • The party group is responsible to see that the attendance at the party does not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the space. If there are changes to your attendance, please email Thunderbird.Party@vancouver.ca to confirm the changes.
  • SMOKING is NOT permitted anywhere in and or on the grounds of Thunderbird Community Centre.
  • A party group found to be in breach of this agreement may be asked to leave the premises and forfeit all payments made.
  • Cost of repairing any damage to the Centre or equipment caused by any participant in the party, including the cost of extra janitorial services will be charged to the party group.
Summer Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8:30am-7:00pm

Saturday & Sunday Closed

Please note, the Office closes 1/2 hour prior to closing and the Fitness Centre closes 10 minutes prior to closing.

Holiday Closures:

Monday, July 2

Monday, August 6

Monday, September 3


Summer Registration
  • Summer Registration

    Summer Brochure AVAILABLE NOW!

    Registration –  Saturday, June 2, 2018 – Catchment Area – Those living within the area of the map below.

    Catchment Area Map

    Registration – Saturday, June 9, 2018 – General Public