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If you are interested in offering a particular program, please complete the Program Proposal form for review by the Recreation
Programmer responsible. Please be as concise and legible as possible.

Program Proposal

Current Job Postings

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Current Volunteer Postings 

Summer Volunteer Orientation (16+yrs)
If you are interested in volunteering this summer, please join our orientation to sign up for various opportunities which include Day camps and Playgrounds. Please note you must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer for Daycamps and Playgrounds. Fr 5:30pm-9:30pm Jun 21

How can you participate in your community centre programs and events.


Volunteer positions may be available, by first speaking with the appropriate staff.

  1. Children,Adult, Seniors and Fitness Centre              Angela Nicholson                   604-713-1826
  2. Youth Services                                                          Jon (J.J.) Johnson                  604-713-1829
  3. Seniors, social programs                                          Lorraine Chow                        604-713-1925
  4. Special Events – Children                                        Lorraine Chow                         604-713-1925
  5. Special Events – Youth                                            Jon (J.J.) Johnson                   604-713-1829
  6. Board of Directors & Committees                             Jennifer Trach                       604-713-1821

Become a Program instructor

How do I become an instructor?

Interested instructors must complete and submit an application along with required attachments. The link is at the top of this page.  Applications will be reviewed by recreation staff, and interviews will be held with applicants whose applications are approved.


What are the timelines for submitting my application?

Refer to the list below.   This list is also on the application form.

Winter             (January through March)                        Deadline to submit an application is JANUARY 15

Spring              (April through June)                                Deadline to submit an application is APRIL 15

Summer          (July & August)                                       Deadline to submit an application is JUNE 15

Fall                  (Sept. through December)                      Deadline to submit an application is SEPTEMBER 15


Hiring Options: Become a volunteer or paid instructor:  contractor or employee

Volunteer: an instructor may choose to volunteer their time in teaching and receive no wage.  The instructor must fill out a volunteer timesheet, and must successfully pass a Police Record Check.


Paid position:  there are two options.

As an employee, you are hired on behalf of the Thunderbird Association – to perform a job (teaching a program), paid a set wage + 12% benefits, paid on a bi-weekly basis, for the term of your contract.   Contracts are seasonal and signed agreements between the Employee and Association.   You must successfully pass a Police Record Check.


As a contractor, you are hired to provide a service at an agreed to wage which is negotiated between the programmer and instructor.  The contract instructor will receive no benefits and must submit an invoice, to be respective programmer.   You must successfully pass a Police Record Check.


What days of the week can I instruct?

Courses can be offered over a wide range of hours throughout the week:  Monday to Saturday.  The class may be a 1-day course for 1 hours, a course which spans up to 12 weeks, or anything in between.


How much will the class cost participants?

Staff will determine the class fee based on a formula that will reflect the cost of the instructor’s wage, room rental expense, supplies and indirect costs.



Thunderbird is Re-Opening

On Thursday July 30th, the Vancouver Park Board announced all 24 community centres will be reopening as of Sept. 8, with a focus on programs and services for children, youth, seniors and access to food.

No timeline has been determined for the reintroduction of gyms, racquet courts, rinks, indoor pools, and pottery and woodworking studios.

Registration Day

TBA, We look forward to seeing you this fall.